These pictures are from Credit Union Man’s appearance at the CMBDC in Anaheim, CA in late March.

Many thanks to AdQue for hosting Credit Union Man.

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Many thanks to AdQue for hosting Credit Union Man.


The reintroduction of Credit Union Man continues. Watch it here: CU Man Returns.


Do you want a visit from Credit Union Man? Experience the Credit Union Man mystique for yourself. Contact him today.


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Credit Union Man’s tattoos are proving to be a big hit. Check out Penne, a CU Man supporter from Vermont. Go to the Contest page to find out how to get yours.



Credit Union Man made a visit to New Hampshire Federal Credit Union to judge a costume contest. Talk about the right choice. Many great costumes, but more importantly, a good group of people going above and beyond to help people and have fun. You’d NEVER see this at a bank. Open an account at a credit union and see the difference.


Check out the video from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, when CU Man visited for Hartford Healthcare Credit Union. Video

Do you want to be in our next video? Send Credit Union Man an e-mail ( and we’ll let you know when and where we’ll be filming.

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Make sure to check out all of Credit Union Man’s videos on the Videos page

Credit Union Man is searching for people and businesses to visit. If you would like a visit from Credit Union Man, please contact Fred Brown, (860-646-8870, 121 and he’ll arrange a visit from Credit Union Man.

You’ll determine where Credit Union Man materializes next. Send an e-mail to Fred Brown (Credit Union Man’s handler) and he can arrange a visit. fred@nefamily.coopMake sure to check out all of Credit Union Man’s videos on the Videos page

Click here for the CU Man blog.

Northeast Family Federal Credit Union

Northeast Family Federal Credit Union

Many thanks to Northeast Family Federal Credit Union. Without whom Credit Union Man would be homeless. Please take a moment to check out their website.

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