About The Credit Union Man


Where does CU Man come from?


Mild mannered Fred Brown, a humble marketing professional by trade, is bitten by the obscure Credit Union Bug, and transformed into (brass fanfare) Credit Union Man. Battling financial injustice and the high cost of banking wherever they lurk, Credit Union Man fights for lower fees, favorable rates, and smarter financial decisions throughout the land. Winning the hearts and minds of the citizens of this great nation.   

Credit Union man is dedicated to helping you break away from the high cost of banking.”

What super powers does CU Man have?

I am not weighed down by traditional bankings’ gravitational pull. Credit Union Man is strong enough to knock down high fees and high lending rates. I can leap predatory interest rates in a single bound and I am faster with loan approvals.


Why did you create CU Man? What did you hope to achieve?

Originally I hoped to entertain kids and get in front of them. It quickly morphed into a means to get in front of adults and get the message out to a wider audience. I knew kids like superheros, so it seemed natural and yes, the kids get a kick out of the costume, I seem to get a better reaction from adults, of all ages. CU Man was appearing in Madison, Wisconsin recently and I was waiting in the student center at the University of Wisconsin to go on when a bunch of college students walked by. They had no reaction at all. Even though they looked right at me, it was like they didn’t even see me. Conversely, I was judging a Halloween costume contest at a credit union in Vermont, in costume and EVERYONE was staring. It just goes to show that there is a breakdown in ages. CU Man makes an impression in most cases, but not all.


What impact has CU Man had on the CU movement? Success stories?

Well, CU Man helps with grand openings and special events which helps get the word out. Credit Union Man is being asked to do more and more appearances, to draw attention to credit unions. 

When people see me, they ask what I’m doing. That gives me the perfect opening to start a conversation about banks vs credit unions. It’s tough to follow up, but I’ve spoken to many people, explained the credit union difference and had the individual tell me I convinced them and they were going to open an account. I’ve also had people on Facebook get so fed up with their bank, they’ve switched to a credit union. They’ll come right out and tell me what bank screwed them and then what credit union they joined.

What’s the next challenge for CU Man? How will he evolve?

The next thing…. is more of the same. Credit Union Man is making his way around the country, speaking to groups, making special appearances just talking to people about the benefits of credit unions. If people knew they can receive the same services at a credit union, a co-op who cares about them, as much as the bottom line, than your traditional financial institution, most move their accounts. Or at least begin making the transition. Credit Union Man draws attention to any gathering. If your credit union is having a special event, invite credit union man and the media. It’s a great way to get your message out.